Wow! 2001 was an exceptional year:

George W. Bush became president in a truly disgusting display of disregard for the idea of “one man, one vote.” My sister came to visit. I attended Intel’s Human Centered Product Innovation 2 Conference. Apple released Mac OS X. Intel paid me to quit my job. I turned 26 years old. I started work as an Interaction Designer at Stanford University. I went home to New York and surprised everyone at our family reunion. The World Trade Towers were destroyed by terrorists. The United States went to war. Chad, Christina, Elan and I did usability testing on Movable Type. I released version 3 of I took “The History and Philosophy of Design” at Stanford and interviewed Bill Verplank, Bill Moggridge, Gitta Salomon, Janice Fraser, Robert Reimann, Alan Cooper, Aaron Marcus and Hugh Dubberly for a paper I’m (still) working on.

For another take on the year, check out Google’s Zeitgeist 2001.

2001 Year in Review