I decided to collect the comments I’ve been making about the 2003 California Recall Election in a single post.

My comment posted on Dan Gillmor’s eJournal, to the entry, “California on Verge of Terminal Stupidity.”

You may be interested to see the actual Gallup report:

If nothing else, I think the fact that Schwarzenegger is even a contender shows just how uneducated the California voters are.

For example, think about how far a candidate for a job at your company would get if they showed up to the interview with some views on the issues, but no experience, no related qualifications and no plans for succeeding after getting the job. That would be a pretty short interview, yes? Thanks for your time, we won’t call you.

My vote is going to Peter Camejo ( http://votecamejo.org/ ). Because of his extensive background as a Financial Advisor, I believe he’s the only candidate qualified and willing to make the changes required to solve California’s financial woes. (Yes, I believe a vote for Bustamante or McClintock is a vote for “business as usual.”)

Also, because of Peter’s views on renewable energy, I believe the changes he’ll make will go a long way towards helping us avoid this situation in the future.

Here's another from Phil Wolf’s, “A klog apart:”

It seems strange to me that your reasons for supporting Bustamante are not based upon his stance on any of the issues.

My vote is going to Peter Camejo. He was the clear winner of both of the televised debates I watched. He has a solid understanding of how our government works and he has some good (real) plans for improving the state and solving our budget problems. I also like the fact that he has an extensive financial background.

It’s too bad that so many people are stuck in the rut of voting only Democrat or Republican (or voting for one of these parties to keep the other out of office), rather than on the issues…especially when a third party candidate, such as Camejo, seems so much more qualified than his competitors.

Thanks for the post though…it’s interesting to hear how others are voting and why.

If you’re interested, Peter Camejo’s website is: http://votecamejo.org/

My 2003 California Recall Election comments