Hi. I’m Brad and I’m an extremely high self-monitorer.

“Self-monitoring is the ability and desire to regulate one’s public expressiveness to fit the clues and/or requirements of the situation.”

I recall learning about self-monitoring back in the mandatory Psych class at Clarkson.

This Self-Monitoring Scale page has a little test, if you’re interested in finding out about yourself.

It says that high-self monitorers “are often more effective than low self-monitors in jobs that require boundary spanning (communicating and interacting with different groups of people who, because of contrasting goals, training, or skills “speak different languages”).” Yep, that’s me!

It also says high-self monitorers make good CEOs and organizational development specialists. Having recently completed an organizational assessment of our Communications & Networking Systems group here at Stanford, I have to agree. The work came very naturally to me. I hope to get more involved in analyzing and defining organizations in the future.

Are you a high self-monitorer?