A few thoughts from my trip to New York City:

  1. Metropolis is not a good airplane magazine (it’s too big).
  2. I wish I had flown JetBlue (though I did get a super deal on Delta: $156 round trip – San Jose to Newark, NJ).
  3. New York needs to step up and ban smoking in all public places (like California has done).
  4. Lots of New Yorkers ride bikes, but none seem to wear helmets.
  5. H&M really is the IKEA of clothing.
  6. I love California, but there are a few things here that, compared to the New York version, completely suck ass, namely: bagels, pizza and public transportation (specifically the SF MUNI).
  7. Boutique hotels rock – it was absolutely worth the extra money for the great customer service and to avoid those people who think a pair of Oakley sunglasses makes you cool.
  8. SF could use more places (or even one) like Halcyon in Brooklyn.

I’ve got a bunch of pictures too, but I’m still working on getting them ready for the web.

Back from New York