Hi! I’m back from the conference and have had a day to consider some of the things I heard and saw. I had a really good time and met some super interesting people…Hi Valerie, Trevor, Scott & Debbie!

I’m going to start posting my notes on the speakers who presented. Some of them will be terse documents of the things the speakers said and others will be full of my own commentary. I’ll make individual posts for each speaker, so each will have its own separate set of comments.

(Note from Dec. 2001: The links in this post were no longer valid, so I removed them and italicized the words that used to be linked, for reference.)

While you wait, here are a few pictures from the trip:

Abe Lincoln statue outside the Portland Art Museum

Neil Grimmer describes his entry: Heart 2 Heart

Some of the student design competition participants

Back from the conference...ready to post!