Hi everyone! I’m back from the IA Summit. The conference was GREAT, but access to the internet from the hotel sucked – hence no posts while I was there (I wouldn’t have had time anyway).

Over the next few days I’ll be collecting and refining my thoughts on what I heard, saw, thought and learned. You can be sure I’ll put everything online for your perusal.

I met so many intelligent, fun people that I feel compelled to get all link-slutty, so here goes:

I met Karl Fast, Matt Jones, Joshua Kaufman, Steve Krug, Jeff Lash, Victor Lombardi, Cinnamon Melchor, George Olsen, Eric Reiss, Lou Rosenfeld, Paula Thornton, Thomas Vander Wal and John Zapolski.

I also met a bunch of other great people – I’m still sorting through the business cards. I promise to post more soon!

Back from the IA Summit