I’m getting ready to start building my computer this weekend.

For the most part, I’ve already decided what I want, but I’m going to wander around Fry’s today anyway. I guess I just need to flaunt the geek in me.

Why would I want to build a computer anyway? Remember what I said about the geek in me? Besides, it’s just so much cheaper to build my own machine and put Linux on it. No sense in spending money on Microsoft Windows and Office if I’m not going to use them anyway.

So your next question is probably: Why Linux? Well, besides the fact that I can get it for free, there’s also my deep seated disgust with Microsoft’s business practices and buggy products. In the area of my own interests though, the Linux community is really starting to do some cool interface work. Eazel’s project, Nautilus, is one of the most interesting.

Back to building a computer…

Here are the current planned base components:
The Case – I’m a sucker for that translucent plastic crap
The Motherboard – by Intel, of course
The Processor – 933 MHz, perhaps?
The Hard Drive – 20 Gig. seems like a good place to start.

I should also mention that I still want a Mac. More specifically, I REALLY want to play around with Mac OS X. Fact is, I can start playing around with Linux for a lot less $$, than I can Mac OS X. I’m also still holding out for OS X on Intel architecture. You’ve signed the OS X on Intel petition, right?