In its essence, I think this boils down to one thing: being present. Pick the things in life that really matter: your family, your friends, the people, work and art that truly inspires you. You don't have to ignore everything else, but don't say yes to anything that compromises the level of enjoyment or excellence that you get and give to those things that really matter.
ā€” Chris Kurdziel: Saying "No" Sucks

So much of this rings true, from loving the feeling of having a can do attitude and making things happen, to having to say no to interesting opportunities, so you can be fully present in the activities and with the people who really matter to you.

Filtering out the"merely interesting" to focus on the "truly important" has been a theme for me lately. I'm happy to be getting better at it.

(via Alex Rainert)

Chris Kurdziel on Saying No