Jess and I went to see Elizabeth Warren speak in Oakland last night. I was hoping to hear more about the details of her policies, but there were so many people waiting in line to enter the venue that to get everyone in — which they did — the entire event had to start later than expected. As a result, we got the abbreviated version of her stump speech. It was good but didn’t have the detail that I had hoped to hear.

Even so, I left impressed with Warren’s commitment to working for individuals and families, rather than lobbyists and corporate interests. Although we only heard overviews of some of her policies, what we did hear felt pragmatic and attainable. Warren comes across as the anti-Trump. She’s authentic, genuine, smart, a fighter, and very much NOT in this race for show. I suspect she’ll gain a lot more traction in the coming months, as she continues her 50-state tour.

As an added (and super impressive) bonus, Warren stayed long enough to personally greet and take a photo with anyone willing to wait in line. Jess and I met her a little after 11:30 PM, and we heard the final photo was taken after midnight!

🇺🇸 Elizabeth Warren Rally in Oakland