A comment I posted on nundroo™:

Sorry, but I’m going to nit pick. When you say you can’t design happiness, satisfaction or frustration, you’re talking about not being able to design emotions, and I agree. We can’t design emotions. I also agree that experiences are tied to emotions in that our emotions are the manifestation of our experiences. But dismissing experience design because we can’t design emotions seems unsound. An experience is not equivalent to an emotion, nor is there even a 1:1 relationship between the two.

Now, I’m not saying that experiences can be designed. Lately, my position on whether we can or can not design an experience vacillates daily. The more I read about neuroscience, the more I think we can design an experience…but I digress.

My point here is not to argue for what it should be called, but to help us make sure that, in this time of definition, we are clear with our words.

Emotions ≠ Experiences