For those of you who have to own a car, you might want to look at the EPA Green Vehicle Guide before your next purchase.

It rates the environmental performance of vehicles in use (so it doesn’t consider factors such as recyclability of the vehicle) on a scale from 0—10 (in other words, from “suck my carcinogenic fumes, you hippy” to “not pollutant free, but close”).

The top two vehicles this year are both hybrids — the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. The next two top rated are natural gas vehicles — both Honda Civics. Vehicles rated the worst are almost exclusively pickup trucks, SUV’s and those big passenger/cargo vans.

An unexpected find near the top of the list was the Honda Element (which is arguably an SUV). It received a respectable, best in class rating of 8. Just goes to show that you don’t have to disrespect the environment to be sporty and utility-y.

EPA Green Vehicle Guide