Fake blogs in my referrer logs?

FYI: I was just going to post about the fake blogs appearing in my referrer logs when I found a good discussion already happening on idly.org.

If you use Textism’s Refer, you can add this to your refer.php file to help keep the jerks out:
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘websearchus.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘bongohome.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘teoras.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘saulem.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘a-b-l-o-g.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘mikesspot.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘kwmap.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘jennifersblog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘wr18.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘worldnewslog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘saulem.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘malixya.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘kwlablog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘akksess.com’;

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