(These are my notes from Andrew’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Andrew DavidsonArt Center College of Design
Designing Media Experiences at Art Center

The Mok Institute (immersive studio) – featured in the AIGA Journal of Interaction Design Education

Andrew discussed the Art Center’s Media Design Program, through which they offer an MFA degree in “Transmedia experience design.” I just love the words that film makers come up with…the two film makers at the conference came up with some real classics in what I would call, experimental vocabulary. I wonder if it’s because they find they can’t communicate in words as expressively as they can with their films?

As part of the presentation, Andrew showed a video of Brenda Laurel, who’s on staff at the Art Center. The video was just some off-the-cuff footage shot by someone sitting in the room. I noticed that the camera swayed back and forth as Brenda swayed while she spoke. I wonder if I follow people that way while I’m listening to them?

HCPI 2 - Andrew Davidson