(These are my notes from Paul’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Paul McGroaryPhillips Design
Experience Design in Context of Research and Development and Philips Design

Experience Design: People, Space & Enablers

I was interested to hear what Paul had to say, in part because I think Philips Design comes up with some truly thought provoking product ideas and also in part because the CHI-web community recently ripped apart the Phillips Design web site in this thread entitled, “Candidate for worst web site of the year“.

One of the questions Philips Design has been asking is: Can you sell experience?
Their nebula project resulted in a product designed to create an experience by projecting images on your bedroom ceiling. It sounds stupid, but it was actually pretty neat.

Paul said he’d send you a book about the Philips Design “Noah’s Arc” projects if you send him an e-mail.

HCPI 2 - Paul McGroary