(These are my notes from Rachel’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Rachel Strickland
Gave an exceptionally boring talk, but showed off her Portable Effects project, which was pretty interesting.

Portable Effects is a series of videos – nomadic portraits, as she called them – of what people put in the bags they carry (purses, back packs, etc.) The videos were indexed and connected through a software program that gave an interesting visual representation of the shape of the bags and their contents.

You may want to read the paper she wrote about Portable Effects.

Like I said, the talk she gave was so boring that I hard time paying attention, but this is what I wrote down about the point she was trying to make:
Invitation of interpretation presented by cinema vérité is easier to create with emerging digital video technology.That doesn’t make any sense, does it? :^)

HCPI 2 - Rachel Strickland