Somehow I got quoted by the Stanford Daily today, in an article about weblogs and Google’s purchase of Pyra.

Here’s the part where I’m quoted:

Brad Lauster, of the Stanford ITSS Blog Project, has received requests to set blogs for the Stanford Language Center, the School of Engineering, the Philosophy Department, student research groups and individual students. “I think Google's purchase of Pyra is a fantastic development,” he said.
"These resources should allow Blogger to add the features it's currently lacking and complete porting their software so that it no longer relies on Microsoft Windows,” Lauster said.
This attention from Google has given blogging an infusion of credibility that it had previously lacked. Now that the corporate world has taken notice, I expect nano-publishing — writers and editors creating small, highly targeted online publications and Weblogs — to begin trickling into environments where it previously had not.

I was quoted in the Stanford Daily