(Note from Dec. 2001: Some of the links in this post were no longer valid, so I removed them and italicized the words that used to be linked, for reference.)

I’ve scrapped the pending bradlauster.com re-design. I think the design of a bio-blog really ought to reflect the ‘blogger’s personality. Me, I’m a pretty simple guy. That design was NOT me. In terms of what the design will finally look like, who knows…on my mind right now is MegNut’s new ultra-minimalist approach. Very inspiring!

Speaking of re-designs: while writing this, I noticed something on useit.com that needs a re-design: the arrow Jakob uses to build his bread crumb trails. Has anyone else noticed how crappy that thing looks? On his “Why This Site Has Almost No Graphics” page, he makes mention of the glyph and states that “Download times rule the Web.” If that’s the case, then maybe Jakob should skip the ugly anti-aliased arrow, and go with my slimmer, trimmer, copyright free version:

![[Image] Jakob's arrow](http://bradlauster.com/site/images/site-design/jakobs-arrow.gif "Jakob's arrow")Jakob’s arrow, 116 bytes
![[Image] Brad's arrow](http://bradlauster.com/site/images/site-design/brads-arrow.gif "Brad's arrow")Brad’s arrow, 59 bytes

Jakob's Arrow