I went to see Living Colour at Slim’s last night with Brad and Chad.

What a great show! They played just about every tune I wanted to hear including Middle Man and Open Letter from Vivid, Love Rears Its Ugly Head and Type from Time’s Up and Go Away and Bi from Stain. As an encore Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish did Broken Hearts, from Vivid, as a tribute to a couple of their friends who had recently passed away. Later the rest of the band joined them for one of my favorite Hendrix tunes, Crosstown Traffic.

Overall the show was a fabulous review of Living Colour’s excellent, though small, body of work. I think we really got to see just how versatile and multi-faceted the group is. For example, we saw their hard side with Time’s Up (the opening tune, which Chad correctly predicted before the show), their fun side with Elvis is Dead and their sentimental side with Broken Hearts.

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Living Colour show in review