It seems that memes (pronounced meems) themselves have become memetic.

The October 2000 issue of Scientific American has an article about memes, called, “The Power of Memes,” arguing that our proclivity for handling memes was major influence in human evolution.

I only read about half of it while I was waiting for the plane yesterday, but I liked what I read. Unfortunately, the article is not online, but [the
synopsis is]( 12:00:00 PM/1000issue/1000quicksummary.html). I’m going to buy the issue this evening.

Dave Anolik, a fellow Intel employee, and Don Brown have produced a documentary about do-it-yourself film making called digital american dream.

I’m going to the premiere! It’s tomorrow, 09/28, at 8:00 PM at The Roxie, which is at Valencia and 16th, here in San Fran…come with me!

Memes and movies...