What’s Pe-mail, you ask? It’s my fabulous new product idea!

In short, Pe-mail is a Peer to Peer e-mail system that is going to solve all of the current problems with e-mail. Woo Hoo! You’re excited now, right?

It’s sort of a hybrid between traditional e-mail and instant message. Without going into the details, here’s what I’ll be focusing on: client usability and back-end scalability.

I suppose I could work on developing it myself, but I really want to get some more design experience. I’m thinking of making it the first design project for OpenLeaf and running the development as an open source project.

So why’d I name it Pe-mail? I just thought it was funny, in a fourth-grade-humor sorta way. Certainly “Pe-mail” isn’t as funny as, say, Back Orifice, but hey, if you come up with anything better, let me know, ok?