So, my search for web log standards turned up nothing! Plus, no one e-mailed me either…most likely because no one reads my site.

I’ve thought it over and I hate the idea of doing something that’s been done before, so I will press on with the search.

In the meantime, consider this:
Web logs are a dime a dozen these days. On any given day, you can usually find the same or similar post on loads of sites. So why do we continue to visit these sites day after day? It’s because we crave the humanity, the personality…and what better a way to learn about someone’s personality than to be able to see the path they took to find the thing they found interesting. Sort of like their mental model for that information.

For example:
In my search for web log standards today, I read Weblogs: A History and Perspective, written by Rebecca Blood. Here’s how I found it:

bradlauster.competerme.comScripting NewsRebecca’s Pocket

Like I said before, I’m not big on doing things that have been done before, so I’m going to try to resist the temptation to post things that I’ve pilfered from other web logs, but if I do, I’m going to post the path I took to find it. Now I need a good name for the path. Got any ideas?

Pressing on: web log standards