I can’t belive people are tired of hearing about the Presidential Election coverage, saying, “Oh, I think Gore should just concede. I’m tired of hearing about it.”

Tired of hearing about it!?! What the hell? If you don’t care that the will of the people is reflected by the results of the Presidential Election, then why did you vote in the first place?

Bush’s attorneys are saying, “The ballots have been counted three times and Bush was the winner each time.” The fact is, all the ballots have not been counted. There are at least 14,000 ballots that were not counted – for whatever reason (source: NPR News). CNN is reporting that, based on Florida’s certified results, Bush’s lead is 537 votes.

It doesn’t take a high school education to undertand that 14,000 is greater than 537!

Frankly, I’m not particularly enamored by either candidate (I voted for Bradley in the primary), but the idea that one candidate should give up, when we know there are ballots that haven’t been counted, is insane! My concern is that the results of this election reflect the will of the American people.

Also, if you think the voters in Florida who screwed up their ballots were just idiots, read this usability study done on mechanical lever and punch card voting systems, done in 1998. Their recommendation: the punch card ballot should be “redesigned…or replaced entirely with a less problematic system.”

Punch Card Debacle