Adele is my sister. She wrote me today with these astute questions/observations:

For starters: what the hell’s a ‘blog anyway?
Glad you asked! The term ‘blog is short for weblog, a term I believe was coined by peterme. For more info., I highly recommend reading Rebecca Blood’s essay “Weblogs: A History and Perspective.

Also, grey is not a color, its a shade (see entry from 19-March-2001), but you’re right, your arrow is way better.
Yeah – you’re right about grey…what was I thinking? About the arrow: thanks! Take THAT Jakob Nielsen!

Didn’t you used to have a wish list link on your page under: perhaps you’d like to…?
I sure did…if I put it back, will you buy me stuff?

Under your buy my car link you have SIX pictures of the outside of your car, but no interior shots. …this would be especially good for your car as i imagine it to be virtually spotless.
You’re right, my car IS spotless inside! I just know someone out there is itching to buy it…would pictures of the inside put you over the edge?

Your links page is nice, but can you rearrange some of them so there aren’t so many big gaps?
I COULD do that, but I doubt I will. Can you do it for me?   😛

Finally, you need to develop your picture section more. You only have two entries! and then you put other pictures on your blog. Why bother with a picture section if you aren’t going to develop it.
I actually have a TON of pictures all ready to go. I just have to make pages for them. I should probably write a script that does it, so I don’t have to make all those pages by hand…sometime soon, I hope!

She ends the message with this:
*…if you don’t find any of this helpful, hey…at least your sis wrote you! :)
tell Selena i said hi
love you lots bro—del

Thanks Adele, I love you too!

Some thoughts from Adele...