The Stanford CS547 Speaker Schedule for Autumn Quarter 2002 is available. Even if you’re not in Silicon Valley, check out the list, because all the talks will be available online.


Richard Marks, Sony
Video Interfaces for Entertainment

Victoria Bellotti, Nicolas Ducheneaut, Mark Howard and Ian Smith, PARC
How Extreme Programming improved our user-centered design process, but not our social skills

Rich Gold, The Red Shift
Desire in Context

Jan Borchers, Stanford Computer Science
Post-desktop User Interfaces

Scott Weiss, Usable Products Company
Handheld Usability

Marc Davis, UC Berkeley SIMS
Multimedia creation

Paul Whitmore, ETRADE
Web Design that interacts with the Psychological Complexity of a User’s Goals

Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus and Associates
Vehicle User-Interface Design

…and more to come.

Stanford CS547 speaker schedule