Last year, my friend Brad Marshall sent me an article that challenged just about everything I knew about what it meant to “eat healthy.” That New York Times article, called, “What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” set off a several-month-long process, educating me about diet, nutrition, fats, oils, hydrogenation, vitamins, minerals, organic farming, grass-fed livestock, raw milk, et cetera and so on…

Yesterday at lunch, my friend Lisa and I had a brief discussion about nutrition. I asked her if she was of aware of the ridiculous set of circumstances that led to the current set of dietary recommendations in the United States.

The Oiling of America is a fascinating look at how a combination of bad science and politics led to a set of recommendations that both make up the most basic components of what you think to be true about nutrition, yet at the same time are certainly not the best for your health.

I encourage you to read “The Oiling of America,” for your own health and because it will be the basis for a string of nutrition-related entries I’ll be posting to brad lauster (dot com) over the next month.

Here’s to your health!

The Oiling of America