Brad Lauster is a UX Director and Founding Designer based in San Francisco.


Job search šŸŽÆ

Iā€™m now available for full-time UX and Product roles. If you're looking for a collaborative, entrepreneurial leader to help you establish design vision, advance product strategy, build inclusive company culture, and nurture high-performing teams, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me to get in touch.

Building Effective Intent šŸš€

More on this soon, but I'm building a business to provide fractional CXO services to early-stage founders, investors, and boards. Effective Intent is launching in 2024.

Learning Korean šŸ‡°šŸ‡·

I have a long-term goal of becoming fluent in Korean, and Duolingo is how I'm currently making progress. I'm not sure it'll get me to fluency, but it's been great for learning Hangul and basic vocabulary. ė‚œ ģ•„ģ§ ģ“ˆė³“ģžģ•¼!

Reading šŸ“–

Updated on Dec 21, 2023