Brad Lauster is an experienced UX and CX leader based in San Francisco.

What I'm Doing Now

Job search šŸŽÆ

Iā€™m now available for full-time UX and CX leadership roles! Check my About page for some professional highlights, and message me on LinkedIn or email me to get in touch.

Building Effective Intent šŸš€

While I navigate this challenging job market, I've started a company providing fractional Head of Experience services for early to mid-stage companies. Effective Intent builds unified UX/CX/Product teams that provide customer support, uncover valuable insights, and design solutions that help our clients reach product-market fit, deliver outstanding user experiences, and reduce churn. Email me if you'd like to discuss my innovative approach to getting more value from your UX/CX/Product teams.

Caretaking šŸ¦½

Lately, I've also been back in my hometown of Lyons, NY, taking care of my elderly parents. I have a lot to say about this. Ask me in person. ;)

Reading šŸ“–

Updated on April 30, 2024